A clear quote based on an hourly rate or package price. This way you will not be surprised afterwards. I use a basic hourly rate of 90,- excl.

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Fast delivery

After the event, I deliver all photos digitally in high quality. Option of sneak preview images and your own watermark.


The photos are free to use for your marketing & promotional purposes. Perfect for sharing on social media and creating engagement.


Your visitors and outsiders will get a wonderful recap of all the special moments at your event.

Added value to your business or organization

Event photography is the perfect way to capture the atmosphere, location and experience of your event. As an event photographer, it is important to capture the feel and atmosphere of the event.

Organizing an event takes a lot of time and energy, which is why, as an organizer, you like to have a great retrospective.
I enjoy capturing all the details and the hard work you put into the event in the best possible way.

Professional marketing materials

Event photos are also a great way to promote your company or organization (also for future events). Potential clients and visitors get an idea of what to expect and how you as a company or organization operate professionally. Thus, besides being a retrospective, the photos are also very useful for marketing purposes.